Last Update: Mar 4th, 2016
Blue Willy's Pompano Beach

Blue Willy's BBQ

1386 S Federal Hwy
Pompano Beach FL, 33062
(954) 946-0963
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Attire: Casual
Parking: A couple of Private Spots
CC: MC/Visa Only
Alcohol: Wine and Beer
Outside Dining: No
Reservations: No
Delivery: No


Well Cooked Meat


Meat is Bland
Sides aren't Good

Critic's Review

I didn't really have a plan today; I was just driving around and running some errands. I didn't have time to eat in; I passed Blue Willy's; the sign that just says "Barbecue", as I have 100 times, and decided to make the U turn and pick up some take out.

The first story here is the "parking lot", which is just a couple of spaces. The feud with the Old World Polish Deli is well documented; if you park in their dedicated spots, you're car will be promptly towed away. So don't do it.

Inside, the place is very BBQ-esque, dingy, dreary and poorly decorated.

Blue Willy's BBQ

The counter area almost looks makeshift; like some sort of temporary setup. Behind the counter looks the same; like food truck people who set up in a storefront for a day or 2. It's hard to believe that they've been here for almost 2 years.

I just ordered 1/2 lb of brisket and a side of baked beans. I wanted to try the beans; I didnt really like them when I'd tried them at the old Blue Willy's Food Truck.

Blue Willy's BBQ

When my order was ready, the girl handed me a bag. I asked if there were utensils in the bag. "Oh no" so she took the bag and put in a fork and knife. When I got to the car I opened the bag to see what I had.

Blue Willy's Brisket

The brisket was wrapped in a bag, but there were no napkins. If I opened this it was going to be messy, so without a napkin it wasn't an option. I waited until I got home to open it up.

Blue Willies Brisket

It looked nice and moist; unlike the dry junk I got at Hickory Sticks. I tasted a piece and it was indeed cooked just right, but it was completely devoid of flavor. Totally bland. I'd asked for 'regular' BBQ sauce, but to me orange sauce isn't regular. I didn't like the sauce.

I could have just salted it and it would have been ok, but I decided to save this beautiful meat, so I'll reveal my quick fix for brisket.

Slice an onion, throw it in a slow cooker with some oil and salt until the onion is soft and clear, then add 2 parts chicken stock and 1 part balsamic vinegar. I don't generally like balsalmic, but don't argue with me here. Toss in the meat and let it slow cook for 15-30 minutes. If the brisket is really dry you may need 30 minutes.

Brisket in the Slow Cooker

Meanwhile, time to try the beans. They call these 'smoke pit' beans; the last time I had them I thought they were too smokey and too sweet.

Blue Willy's Beans

These weren't smokey tasting at all; the beans were very soft. Not terrible, but not much different than beans from a can. Beans from a BBQ shouldn't be this soft.

Finally, it was time for some brisket.

Blue Willy's Brisket

Now THIS is brisket. This is how you'd get brisket at a really good deli. I'm not a huge fan of slobbering BBQ sauce on otherwise tasteless meat. Sadly BBQ people aren't chefs; they know how to smoke stuff but they don't know how to make things taste good. BBQ sauce is a cover up for not so good food.


This is the kind of place that really irritates me; you read the "reviews" about how great this is, and then you go yourself. The big thing here is that it's like someone drove a food truck up to a store, which in fact may be the case. They seem totally disorganized, and the menu is about the same as it was before.

The big problem I have with BBQ is that there's only a 10% chance that I'll like the sauce, so if the meat taste depends on the sauce then the odds aren't in my favor. I probably should have gotten the ribs; although most of the banter I've heard is about the brisket and the pastrami. The pastrami was $12.99 for a sandwich, so I passed on that action.

So they've been doing this for 2 years now and they give takeout with no fork, knife or napkins? Really?

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couldn't agree more. Pork was dry and onion bun was stale. I don't understand why so many restaurants can't do combo special.. like $9.99 for sandwich , side and drink.
Some Dumb Homo
"I didn't like the beans last time so I ordered them again." Your reviews are the most irritating thing I've ever read.

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