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Eats Good 33

6882 NW 20th Ave
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33309
(954) 956-4480
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Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
Attire: Casual
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Beer and Wine Only
Outside Dining: No
Reservations: No
Delivery: yes

Critic's Review

Eat Good 33 is, quite ridiculously, the top rated casual restaurant in Fort Lauderdale on Yelp. It's a good illustration of what's wrong with Yelp, on multiple levels. First, in this part of town, anything that doesn't come in a styrofoam sandwich pack is fine dining, so that has to be considered. Another is that Eats Good 33 is a Yelp Sponsor, which buys you a lot of good reviews from so-called "Elites". I'm not sure if they're obligated to give sponsors good reviews, or if they get some sort of goodies, but whenever a venue buys advertising they seem to get a whole bunch of good reviews from "Elites".

I went to this place knowing full well that it was a little corporate lunch counter sized place, but expecting decent food. It looked pretty uncomfortable in the pictures I'd seen, so I was debating whether or not to eat in or take out.

Finding the place is a challenge, particularly when you discover that your $800 GPS doesn't work when the battery is low even when it's plugged into the cigarette lighter. (Ok, so you can buy it for $95 now, but I got it a while ago). Once I arrived, I realized that the place is a madhouse, even with only 3 tables. There are people swirling about; I was definitely doing take out.

Eats Good 33 Interior

I'd seen the menu online and pre-decided on the Pabelln Criollo, which is a Venezuelan version of Ropa Vieja.

The place has the typical Latin Restaurant non-ambiance with a TV on some Spanish soap opera station and bad house music playing. Not one person in the place was speaking English, which is fine as I have no interest in understanding what they're saying.

The food came out in just a few minutes; the beauty of shredded beef is that it's pre-made. When I got home it was still warm and I tried the Lentil Soup first, which is included with the $10 entree.

Eats Good 33 Lentil Soup

On their menu they say it has "Garlic Confit and Sweet Onion", but I saw or tasted none of that. Just tasted like a cup of lentils; not unlike Progresso. I wasn't eating the soup now, I'll spruce it up when I eat it later.

Opening the Entree, there were lots of beans but a pretty small portion of beef. This would only be enough for one meal.

Eats Good 33 Pabellon Criollo

I'd seen some photos of the dish online, and most of them were moister than this, and most also had some onions and peppers. This only had a couple of small piece of onions. It also tasted too vinegary; not spicy just seasoned pleasantly. Usually the rice and beans save the day, but I didn't like these beans. They were sweet, and I don't like sugar in my black beans. I've had a lot of black beans made a lot of different ways, but there were awful; I couldn't eat these.

So I left the condo hoping for something like this

Pabellon Criollo
. Very disappointing.

Given the location, and the fact that this wasn't any less expensive than what you'd get at a Latin Restaurant on N Federal Hwy, I can't see any reason to recommend making the trip.

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