Last Update: Oct 27th, 2010


3265 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood FL, 33021
(954) 963-9161
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Sometimes you make a mistake, and today I made a mistake. I went into Waffleworks.

From the outside, Waffleworks looks like a chain. But its not. Its like an old diner. Now old diners can be fine if the food is good, but that's not the case here.

Inside, the decor is model cars and posters of speed racer. There's a tube TV in the corner of the room with CNN. Country music is blaring on the sound system. None of it fits together.

Waffleworks inside

The menu is like an old spiral notebook with all of the pages in page protectors. They have a large selection of items and combinations. I pick Combo 4: 2 eggs, French toast, sausage and bacon. I opt out of the bacon and go for 4 sausages. And I wait. Hoping that this is one of those places with big portions and good food.

Waffleworks eggs

My disappointment was instantaneous as the food was delivered. The eggs were clearly overdone; the sausages were the kind you buy frozen at the supermarket; and they were cooked hours before and were cold. The french toast wasn't cooked enough. Everything was wrong. With no potatoes or toast to save the day, it was just a dismal meal. A complete waste of time. I waited a while for my server to return to take my card, but after a while I just dropped some cash on the table and fled. I had to get out of there and get some food.

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