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Pinkberry aventura


21211 Biscayne
Aventura FL, 33180
(305) 935-3503
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Attire: Casual
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: None
Outside Dining: Yes
Reservations: No

Critic's Review

If you're a Curb Your Enthusiasm fan, you'll surely remember the "Pinkberry" episode, where Larry and Jeff make the trek to Pinkberry to get Jeff's dog a "last meal". Of course Larry and Jeff eat the yogurt in the car on the way home because, well, it's just so good. They tell Suzie that it was closed due to a Korean Holiday; I forgot to check the Korean calendar before I left, but luckily they were open.

As I drove up, the big thing missing was the line. The legend of the line is just that, when I went inside there was no line at all. I was struck by how small the place is; there's just 3 small tables inside and a small counter.

Pinkberry aventura inside

Unlike the "other" yogurt joints, there's no self-serve here. They have sizes ranging from mini to large, and a toppings "bar", all behind the counter. So it's more like Chipotle than Menchie's.

They have 10 flavors of yogurt; but I'm not much for flavors other than original or chocolate. The point of the visit was to taste the original, as it's what supposedly sets it apart from the copycat yogurt places. I was planning on trying their new "Greek" yogurt; I thought it was a greek frozen yogurt, but it's not frozen. I can get greek yogurt at Publix, so I passed on that.

The topping disappointed me; I just wanted some dark chocolate chips but everything is in some candy form; I went with "dark chocolate granola" and strawberries. The guy behind the counter was loading it up; I have to say that I greatly prefer self-service.

Pinkberry small

Instead of paying by weight, "with toppings" is $1 extra. This was $4.99; $5.29 with tax, which is maybe 40% more than most other yogurt places. "Other" pinkberry menus I've found seem not to charge extra for toppings, while some charge extra for flavors. The menu we have here is NOT from this location.

The yogurt itself is superior with a nice, tangy flavor. Better than Red Mango I think. I didn't particularly care for the granola; not very much dark chocolate.

Pinkberry yogurt

Pinkberry has online ordering, but Florida locations don't "participate".

I was disappointed by the experience. You can't come here on a rainy day. It's too darn small.

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