Last Update: Jan 20th, 2011
Rare thursdays

Rare Brings in the Clowns

Rare Las Olas, operating for barely 2 months, seems intent on becoming the second coming of Bova Prime as they're now promoting "Rare Occasion" Thursdays. The first week was some sort of "Circus". And boy did it attract a lot of clowns.

From the handout card (pictured) you really wonder what they're thinking. Why would anyone want to turn their restaurant into a circus act?

When the "events" started up I was talking to some people; one who turned out to be the Mom of one of the promoters. So I had a bit of a warning as to what was happening.

All of a sudden, the empty bar was full of people. Where did they come from? Well, when you can't get anyone to come into your restaurant with your standard offerings, what do you do? Bus them in of course.

Rare bus

Isn't there some sort of constitutional amendment that bans bussing in customers? What they were doing was guaranteeing "success" in their first night; they had all sorts of people with prosumer cameras posing as photographers taking pictures. It reminded me of Bova on mushrooms; there were dancers with snakes and machetes, midgets dressed like clowns (I kid you not) and a lot of people who spend a lot more time building their wardrobe than their careers.

This "event" will be going on here on Thursdays for the foreseeable future. Rare seems obsessed with forcing a south beach style party scene onto Las Olas; even though it should be clear that the people who live here have no interest in such a scene. So, they'll have to bus their customers in to pretend.

This week is 'Psychotic Opulence", which I'm sure will attract a really sophisticated crowd. It seems we're celebrating the birthday of Terry Kirby, not that anyone knows who that is.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars bussing people in, why not do something to make the place more appealing generally?

My personal assessment of Rare is that they have to come to terms with the fact that they miscalculated Las Olas Market, and they need to come up with a different plan. They need to get a grasp on the demographics here. There isn't a lot of loose money in Fort Lauderdale. All of the loose money is either in prison or they've left town. Women who hang out on Las Olas can't afford Rare, and men aren't going to pay their prices if there are no women.

How long is it going to take for Rare to figure out that Las Olas isn't a South Beach scene because the people who live here don't like South Beach? Why can't club and restaurant owners figure out that the people who live on Las Olas are pining for it to be more like Delray Beach and less like South Beach? Tim Petrillo are you LISTENING?

The big question I have is what are they going to do on the other 6 days a week?

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