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Black Beans Cafe

The Black Beans Cafe

712 N State Road 7
Hollywood FL, 33024
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Hours: 8:30am-10pm
Attire: Casual
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: None
Outside Dining: No
Reservations: No
Delivery: No


Nicer Place than you'd Expect
Free Parking
Dirt Cheap


Mediocre food
Out of the way location

Critic's Review

Up too early on a Saturday morning, and I decided to go out for breakfast. No bottomless mimosas for me. A Cuban breakfast sound good, so up to Davie to try someplace new.

From the outside, The Black Beans Cafe looks like it might be one of those old, leftover places with tables purchased in the 70s. But it's actually quite nice inside. It's a small place, but one of the nicer Cuban Cafes around.

Black Beans Cafe Interior

Cuban Coffee is a big thing, and they have the equipment to make it here. You hear the machine going your entire time here.

Black Beans Cafe Counter

The menu, however, is not cuban. No mention of Chorizo, or Ropa Vieja and eggs. Just regular "Ham, Bacon or Sausage". I figured that the sausage might be chorizo, so I order 2 over easy with sausage, and cuban coffee. What seemed completely ridiculous was that there were no black beans available, even as an add-on side. Do they KNOW the name of the place?

They ruin the ambiance with bad music: "Animals", "Monster" and "You Make Me Party Rock Fun" tortured me throughout the meal. Coffee came out quickly.

Black Bean Cafe Coffee

I've weaned myself off of sugar to a great extent, so the coffee was way too sweet for me. I can drink sweetened coffee, but this was like a tablespoon in the little cup. Luckily they gave me water also so I'd have something to drink.

When the eggs came out, you can understand my disappointment.

Black Bean Cafe Breakfast

Eggs that are perfectly round from a too-hot pan never inspire me. 3 day old sausage; the potatoes looked ok, but not a lot of food. It was only $3.99, so maybe I was expecting too much?

My server asked if I wanted Ketchup and hot sauce, and I said "No". I guess my Spanish isn't that good, as she brought it over anyway.

Black Beans Cafe Condiments

The eggs were fine, but the sausage was so well done that it was like eating jerky. Not hot; probably first started cooking them on Thursday.

Black Bean Cafe Eggs

The bread was good, pressed but not really toasted much.

Black Beans Cafe Bread

Breakfast for $5.55. Hard to beat the price. But not worth the gas.

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