Last Update: Aug 24th, 2014
Coral Ridge Mall Early Voting Setup

Early Primary Voting

I'm not sure that anyone is aware of it, but early voting is underway for Primaries in Broward County. And when I have a chance to take a hilarious picture depicting the waste of public funds, I like to take advantage. I was in the Coral Ridge Mall at HomeGoods and the scene above was right outside.

There are 20 locations set up for "Early Voting", for 8 hours a day for 10 days. It's been reported that each location costs about $60,000.

What's hilarious is the amount of space they allocated for the waiting lines. Records show that an average of 135 people per day voted in the Coral Ridge Mall, which is about 17 people per hour. Do you think that they were optimistic about the turnout?

At the 20 locations, a total of 15,700 (unofficial) have voted in 9 days. I don't have to ask if this is necessary; it's not only unnecessary, it's preposterous. The official election day is Tuesday; we can't just have Early Voting on Saturday and Sunday before the election to allow people who can't make it Tuesday? Do we really have to accommodate people who are on 2 week vacations?

I'm pretty tuned into things, and I didn't even know about it; that's how our Big City Machine works. They spend a bundle of public funds but they can't put a sign up anywhere reminding us that voting is underway. What's also quite rich is that the Elections website has all kinds of Voting "Facts" , except I can't find any information about who is running and for what, which is the only information that matters.

Government waste. A great reason to give them as little of our money as possible.

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