Last Update: Jun 9th, 2013
Newyorkprime boca

New York Prime

2350 NW Executive Center Dr
Boca Raton FL, 33431
(561) 998-3881



The "scene" here is legendary, where cougars and wolves get together. So are the steaks; all are prime, expensive and good.

Nyp inside

Their appetizers are big and decadent; the baked shrimp will clog your arteries and fill your soul.

This is a loud place with piano music and lots of voices; bring your appetite and bring your wallet. New York Prime is a big night out.

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John Comi

Went to New York Prime in Boca Raton for dinner last night and I must say that I was very disappointed. What a waste of money. I have gotten much better steaks for a quarter of the price. After having dinner at New York Prime, I have changed my definition of à la Carte to total rip-off. You would think at those prices they would at least give you a small salad or a scoop of mash potatoes. Oh, I forgot, they don’t have mash potatoes on their menu. Instead, they have the nerve to charge $7.00 for a baked potato. New York Prime is nothing but a total rip-off and I would not recommend it to anyone who has a half a brain, unless they are trying to impress someone, who will probably not be impressed if they have a half a brain

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