Last Update: May 9th, 2015
Adena Grill

Adena Grill

900 Silks Run Bldg Unit 1740
Hallandale Beach FL, 33009
(954) 464-2333


Attire: Neat Casual, Dressy
Parking: Private Lot (Gulfstream Village)
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Reservations: Yes
Delivery: No


Adena Grill and Frankey's Sports Bar are the same restaurant, registered with a whopping 723 seats. The operation is owned by Canadian Billionaire Frank Stronach. His big idea was to create a huge herd of grass-fed beef, but he's been fighting with environmentalists up in Ocala for the past few years. Meanwhile, he's apparently built a restaurant that serves $24 hamburgers to showcase the beef.

Adena Grills (from web site)

The beef they're serving isn't claimed to be USDA Prime or even dry aged; it's just grass fed. To me, "Grass Fed" is like "well educated"; it doesn't guarantee any particular result; you just move the bell curve over a bit. Additionally, grass fed beef taste's different, and not everyone agrees that it's a good thing. Grass-Fed beef has been described as "gamey". Free-range animals can be more muscular, and therefore more sinewy or chewy. Grass-Fed beef "may" be more nutritious (ie more omega 3), but it doesn't have the melt in your mouth goodness of USDA Prime beef.

It looks like a beautiful place, but there are a lot of nice places in Gulfstream that seem empty most of the time.

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