Last Update: Jul 4th, 2015
Inverrary Diner

Inverrary Diner

4620 N University Dr
Lauderhill FL, 33351
(954) 747-6898
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Attire: Casual
Parking: Yes
CC: Yes
Alcohol: No
Reservations: No
Delivery: No

Critic's Review

Sometimes you waste some gas, and today I wasted some gas.

I knew it as I saw the ancient crowd coming out of the place. The door is on the right side; another storefront restaurant with all windows facing the afternoon sun.

I got a booth in front of the coffee station; there was a party going on; they're nothing like old black ladies in party hats. Luckily they were just finishing up, so I missed most of the cackling. The place has a high ceiling and might be ok if it wasn't so old and creepy.

Inverrary Diner Interior

The place felt like a dining room in a retirement condo, we went to one of those by accident in Plainview, NY back before there were user reviews online. A dude with the "No Problem" vocabulary served me, adding to the adventure.

They have a pretty good lunch menu which is available until 3pm where most items are $7-$8. I decided to do breakfast, since I'd skipped breakfast.

Coffee didn't really taste like coffee, even with the plasticky tasking creamers.

Inverrary Coffee

Butter and jam comes on the side in little packets. Old School.

Inverrary Diner Butter and Jelly

The eggs came out way too fast. Flash cooked eggs "over easy", and sausages from last Sunday. Fantastic. I wonder if they serve their sandwiches on the mini rye bread?

Inverrary Eggs

I could get a weak xfinity wireless signal and a weak LTE, just enough to be annoying. The wireless password is "inverrarydiner"; you'll need it. They have a Free Wi-Fi sign.

I had a little trouble getting a coffee refill; after 3pm the staff seems consumed with eating and other non-service tasks. $10 with tip. Cheap, but not worth the gas.


This is a place left over from long ago that doesn't seem to feel the need to improve anything about their operation. You'd think with an empty restaurant they could turn down the grill and take more care cooking eggs, but there's none of that here.

Old, Creepy and Cheap. You decide.

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