Last Update: Mar 15th, 2012

Where to Watch the NCAA Basketball Tournament

It's that time of year again; Time for the NCAA Tournament. It's the only time I watch college basketball. I was thinking that I ought to write an article; our "Where to watch Football" article is one of the top hits on the site during football season. The problem is that it's the same article; where to watch basketball is the same as where to watch football; almost. So refer to that article for a full review of just about every sports bar in the area.

Duffy's is the dominant Sports bar in Fort Lauderdale; the combination of a lot of big projection screens and good specials make it a favorite of young and old. The only addition I might make is that Mugs is more of a college crowd, and of course Beach Place is where a lot of spring breakers hang out: Think Sonics or Hooters. The good thing about the Tourney is that it's on regular TV, so you can watch it just about anywhere.

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