Last Update: Mar 5th, 2014
Brooklyn Water Bagels Toastes Sesame with Cream Cheese

Brooklyn Water Bagel Company - A Sham?

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company is facing a lawsuit in South Florida due to a claim that the company Brooklynized" water, the main selling point behind the franchises, is a sham. A businessman from Boca Raton has filed the lawsuit seeking more than $2 million in damages.

Andrew Greenbaum is suing because he claims that the franchise water filtration system is not unique and does not produce water equivalent to Brooklyn. He claims that the system is not unique and that it has a design similar to ordinary cuno filter or ge filter brands. Greenbaum holds the rights to franchises that feature the Brooklynized" water in three major Florida counties.

The bagel company and its attorney have rejected the claims as conflicting allegations and want the lawsuit dismissed.

Originally opened in Delray Beach, the Brooklyn Water Bagel operates 14 restaurants in three different states. The company claims on its website that its proprietary water treatment is the best water filtration system and perfectly replicates the quality of water that comes from upstate New York to Brooklyn.

This is not the first lawsuit the company has faced regarding its water system. Previous cases were resolved through confidential and private settlements. Greenbaum's attorney is planning to have experts analyze the water and compare it to water in Brooklyn. Attorney Robert Zarco believes this will prove the distinction between the quality of the water produced by the bagel company and that it does not contain the same chemical content as Brooklyn water.

Larry King, former CNN host, has been a spokesman for the company since it's inception. Greenbaum's attorney wants King to be deposed in order to determine what personal knowledge he has regarding the filtration system.

A former CEO of the Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., Scott Harris, is named as a co-defendant in the suit. Harris believes in the company's technology but he is suing the owner, Steven Fassberg, for defamation, backpay on commissions, and unfair termination.

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