Last Update: May 5th, 2021
Tacocraft Federal


510 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301
754 779-7437
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Hours: Sun Sun-Thu 11:30-11pm, Fri-Sat open until 12am
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Outside Dining: Yes


Big Bar
Much Improved layout over Midici's


Not Really Mexican Food
Tasteless food
Lime Green Decor

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Tacos on Tuesday are not Full Sized

Critic's Review

Taco Tuesday and not a lot of good choices; tacos around here are just stuff on a flour tortilla, so not really something I seek out. Tacocraft is the latest idea from bandwagon visionary Mark Falsetto, who previously ran the short-lived Rok:Brgr mini chain. He's partnered with one of the Anthony's CFP owners to open lots of big taco joints throughout South Florida. I'd tried their now defunct location on 2nd Street and didn't like 1 thing I had, so my expectations were rock bottom.

I contemplated eating in, but since it was Taco Tuesday I thought there may be too many cretins and families present, so I opted to order online. Tacos are all $3 on Tuesday, and I wouldn't have to pay $3.50 for a glass of colored water (or tip a grumpy waitress).

This place copies the green theme of the original copycats, El Camino; this place is more El Camino than Rocco's Tacos in that their menu is basically tacos and more tacos.

I ordered 3 tacos; different from the ones I hated from their other location.

Tacocraft Federal Interior

Given the times we live in, take out is a big deal. They have an entire counter set up just for take out. I had to remember which alias I used and hoped I didnt need ID; my order was ready so I just grabbed it and scampered off; not having to interact with a single human being in the process.

Straight home so the tacos were still fresh and hot; maybe a 5 minute trip.

Taco Craft Tacos

Tacos here are stuff on a mini tortilla. I started with the "Korean Short Rib"

Tacocraft Korean BBQ Short Rib

Nothing about the description of this item was true. The cucumbers weren't pickled, the sauce wasn't spicy, and this was more flank steak than short rib; if it was short rib it needed another 12 hours in the crock pot. Tough meat, completely flavorless. A complete failure of what this was supposed to be.

Tacocraft Korean BBQ Short Rib

Onto the crispy chicken. Chicken nuggets, jalapenos strait from a big jar and a non-existent "spicy mayo". I'd asked for the "hot honey" on the side, because I didn't know if it was spicy hot or temperature hot; and I'm not a big sweet sauce fan.

Tacocraft Crisply Chicken

I tried a nugget on it's own and with some honey. Not bad on it's own, but it made no sense as a taco. Even the jalapenos weren't that spicy.

Tacocraft Crispy Chicken

Chicken nuggets on a taco shell. How did they come up with this idea?

Next was the crisply shrimp.

Again with the unspicy mayo; this was easily the best of the 3; the tempura shrimp were good.

Tacocraft Crispy Shrimp

Something to note however is that the "regular" tacos have 4 shrimp (based on pictures online); on Taco Tuesday you only get 2. So "Taco Tuesday" is 1/2 a taco for 1/2 price. Same goes for the "short rib".


For $9 I got a decent amount of food, but these things don't remind me of real Mexican food in any way. Largely tasteless food on a Taco Shell. There's nothing here I'd ever pay full price for.

Tacocraft has moved to a bigger space in the location formerly occupied by the Midici. You can see the review of their original location here.

Tacocraft front

They've adopted the same hideous light green color scheme as El Camino; make no mistake; this is an El Camino wannabe restaurant.

Unlike Rocco's, which offers a full Mexican menu; this is Tacos, Fajitas and Chips and guacamole. They've added a blackened chicken dish and grouper; I promise I'll never order grouper at a TacoCraft (or anywhere else). Note that boneless chickens are usually rotisserie size; de-boning bigger chickens is too challenging for your average line cook.

I have 2 observations about this place. First, why would I want to come here to eat? They just have tacos; I'm not a big boozer. And the Tacos I've had from their other location sucked. Second is why would anyone want to go to the Brass Tap to drink? Now that there's a cooler bar across the street; you have to wonder how the Brass Tap can survive as much more than a doggie park.

You'll still have to go to Jalisco to get real Mexican Food

We have the full menu.

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After all these years you'd think they'd learn how to make Mexican food. I don't even know what this is. It's like a taco truck with a bar.
These guys are wildly successful so they must be doing something right. They have the Golden Touch!
What did they lose on Anthony's Pronto around the corner, $Million? A bored multimillionaire is pumping money into a glorified taco stand trying to create a chain. You have no idea how "successful" they are.
Fort Lauderdale is the only city in the country where Tacos are high end food. You have to wonder why so many rich people want to live in a place where there's literally nowhere to eat.
The food photos online look so bad I just can't bring myself to want to come here. The Guacamole looks so amateurish. Maybe when bars are cool again; although without good TVs that's unlikely also.

Why would anyone pay $13-$14 for a meatless salad here when you can get a fantastic Mexican salad loaded with chicken across the street for $8.25? Are people really that dumb? It's not like this is superior food.
They've landed the former "chef" from BarTaco in Aventura. He went to school for 7 years to learn how to cook, so he should know how to make the tacos.
Opening Monday, Nov 30
The bad tacos are coming.
I heard these guys are rolling out another 10 units Plantation and Downtown Miami next.
Great, another Tijuana Flats. That was the plan with Rok:Brgr too. I can get Tacos anywhere. The last thing I got from these guys that I liked was a burger in 2011.

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