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Sunrise Meats Fort Lauderdale

Sunrise Meats

1601 NW 10th Ave
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33311
(954) 522-0833
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The mystery is over. Sunrise Meats is finally exposed.

You've probably passed this place 100 times. It's right at the intersection of E Sunrise and Route 95. It's behind a big fence, like some sort of prison. There's no entrance on Sunrise. You have to hang a Ralph at Advance Auto Parts if you're coming from the east. Then hang the first Louie to get to the place.

In a part of town rarely traveled by BMWs, they really love their grass. Even if it's mostly dirt and weeds.

House being Sunrise Meats

There's a big parking lot. Out front is an SUV; a dude sitting in the car with his amped up sound system cranking at full volume. Oh boy, is it safe for me to go into this place? I really have no idea what to expect.

Upon entrance it's clear that this place is a small supermarket in the mold of Doris Market or Penn Dutch. Just a couple of long aisles, but they have a lot of stuff. The "meat" counter is where the action is. Pretty good prices on most things. The big sale is whole Kingfish for $3.25/lb. You don't really want to eat kingfish. Whole snapper for $5.99.

Sunrise Meats Counter

You won't see Oxtail and Goat Legs with such a prominent displays at Publix. They also don't commit to a brand of cold cuts. Just "Product of the U.S.A.". Could be anything.

Sunrise Meats Selections

It's the only place in town that openly packages pork fatback and chicken backbones for retail sale. I make my own stock and sausage, so these things are a big find. Sausage with not enough fat misses the point.

Sunrise Meats Extras

Looking for alewife or salt mackerel? This is the place. They sell "Georgia Smoked Sausage". A brand of Italian sausage I've never heard of. Pigs Feet, ham hocks. Like you're in some small southern town in Georgia.


If you're looking for a cheap supermarket in Fort Lauderdale, this is it. Just don't expect to buy Thuman's cold cuts or Johnsonville Sausage. No German grandmas buying meat here; but they'll have a few things you'll find interesting.

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