Last Update: May 26th, 2016
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JWB Steakhouse

1111 N Ocean Drive
Hollywood FL, 33019
954 874-4470

Calling all people with recent frontal lobotomies: JWB is now officially the most overpriced restaurant in Broward County. The entire menu is LOL ridiculous; with $35 Miso Salmon and a $52 "Prime" Sirloin. $10 for a side of fries.

Here's the problem; why would I think I can get good food at a Margaritaville resort? This restaurant would be ridiculous in a Ritz Carleton; it's just a joke in a Margaritaville. More kid unfriendly stuff. So now you have a wildly overpriced steakhouse and a bar/restaurant promoting massive consumsion of alcohol trying to sell itself as a family vacation destination.

Remember that kids aren't allowed in the pool area at night. Lock them in the room.

They've put out some pictures that are a bit different of the restaurant. Word is that it's a lot darker than these photos. I saw some heavily breaded calamari on the Y site; probably the same stuff that they sell at the pool bar.

Jwb inside

JWB Steakhouse

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I don't know why I waste my time reading your reviews, but I find myself coming to your site to see what crap you have to say about some really good and solid restaurants. I have been to JWB twice. .... because you are too cheap to spend any money on good food.
DogMom must actually be the Mom of a JWB employee, and what a croc her post is!

She hates the site, but only comes to see what is said about stellar institutions such as (yawn) JWB.

The real [Jimmy] Buffet we all love from the 70's and "Living and Dying in 3/4 time" is long gone, and he would never have stood for the ridiculous prices and "value" at JWB Steakhouse!!

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