Last Update: Oct 31st, 2016
Spirit plane

Bomb Scare at Fort Lauderdale Airport

The other day a Federal Express plane fire was in the news, and last night we had a bomb scare at the same airport.

A Spirit Airlines flight en route from Fort Lauderdale to Dallas was delayed for hours after a bomb threat led to an evacuation of passengers, officials said.

The flight was scheduled to leave at 8:15PM for Dallas, TX, but because of the bomb scare the plane was evacuated and held until it left at 2:30am. What we do through to save $20 on a flight.

The evacuation was sparked by someone who was alarmed after eavesdropping on a middle eastern man's text messages. The man was forced off the plane, the plane was evacuated and it took nearly 6 hours to clear the plane for flight.

See something say something has it's drawbacks.

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