Last Update: Dec 30th, 2016
Palace Buffet Davie

Palace Indian Restaurant

11422 W State Rd 84
Davie FL, 33325
(954) 370-4750
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Attire: Casual
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Reservations: Yes
Delivery: Yes


Free Parking


Empty Lunch Buffet
Cold, Old Food
No Service

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Felt like some Indian food; time to try another buffet.

I know better than to go to a buffet after 2pm, so I got here at 1:40. There was 1 person in the dining room, and he was just finishing up. My instincts told me to turn around and walk out.

You should always listen to your instincts.

Palace Restaurant

I took a seat and a dude brought over a glass of water. He didn't offer to get me a drink.

Plastic cup, no straw. No ice. Great Start.

Warm Water Service

So I hit the buffet. .

Palace Buffet

A lot of old looking stuff. This is the danger of The Buffet, there was ZERO chance they'd be putting out anything fresh. I usually start with a salad. No tomatoes. White onions. Iceberg lettuce. Much of the buffet food didn't look edible. There were only 2 meat dishes; butter chicken and goat curry. One of the rices was clumpy and had raisins in it; so white was my only choice.

Palace Buffet Plate 1

Cold tandoori chicken, The goat was tough and was LOADED with bones. So much so that it was uncomfortable eating it. Who wants a mouthful of bones with every forkful? There was some sort of deep fried fritter that was ice cold and unidentifiable. Just leave it on the plate.

I also didn't like the soup.

Palace Buffet Soup

No seasoning. Bland, mushy. No thanks.

They made the bread fresh; I think you get a plate for the table as they never put any out on the buffet. At least there was the bread, which was host and not bad. One piece was doughy; it wasn't consistent.

Palace Bread

Adding insult to injury was the bad music blaring; not Bollywood, but the kind of music that belly dancers might spin to.

I tried to find another plate of stuff.

Palace Buffet Plate 2

The butter chicken was cold but provided some needed protein. ICE cold yellow lentils: yum. Curried mixed vegetables. Meh. Time to get out of this place.

$11.95 for this. Go somewhere else. Trust me on this one.


It appears that everyone knows about this buffet, because this is the first time ever that I was at a buffet totally by myself for about 20 minutes (some people came in as I was leaving. Haha on them). This place is as bad as Indian Chiles, if not worse.

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