Last Update: May 27th, 2020
Metro Diner Coral Springs

Metro Diner

2864 N University Dr
Coral Springs FL, 33065
(754) 229-3875
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Hours: M-Th 7:30a-9p, Fri-Sat 7a-9:30p
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Wine and Beer
Has WiFi: Yes
WiFi Password: None
Outside Dining: Yes


Fair Prices
Upbeat Atmosphere, Good Music
Competent Service


Food is Mediocre

Critic's Review

Fort Laudedale is kind of a wasteland for Breakfast; making eggs isn't that difficult but most places are more interested in cashing in on the daily brunch concept than feeding people. So sometimes a trip to Coral Springs is required.

Metro diner is a chain, much like First Watch. I've been to a few of those, and frankly, they suck. The broken egg sucks too. Where are the Perkin's? IHop, Denny's? Please. Time to try Metro.

Finding this place is a problem; it's set back and the numbers on University don't line up with google maps and navigation systems. It's set back and you really can't see it unless you're looking for it.

Additionally, this is the worst parking lot ever in history. Narrow, busy, UPS and stupid people randomly parked. It's like bumper cars with a bunch of retards. Finally I found someone pulling out in the back row. My car isn't that big and it barely fit in the spot. Narrow spots are a New York thing; I'm not used to them down here.

They have a large, covered outdoor patio but it's a bit too hot for that this time of year, particularly in the afternoon. Maybe at 7am it's ok.

Metro Diner Outdoor Space

Inside is just a squarish room with booths and tables; the host ridiculously asked if I wanted to sit at the counter in an empty restaurant; I opt'ed for a booth.

Metro Diner Interior

They have some specials on blackboards on the wall, but none of them appealed to me.

Metro Diner Black Boards

I was having breakfast so I ordered coffee. They have human size cups which is a plus. Silverware is provided in glassine bags. Creepy, but functional.

Metro Diner Coffee

I contemplated the "house made" corned beef hash, but I rarely like it, so I went with my more traditional favorite; 3 eggs over easy, sausage links, rye toast and hash browns. The "3 egg breakfast" for $8.69. My server was using a tablet to take the order and she had to stop me because she couldn't keep up. Another failed table-side experience.

Music here rocks; the 50-something owners grew up when music was at it's peak; "Maneater", "My Life", "Born to Run", even Madonna's "Lucky Star" and Enrique Iglesias' "Bailamos" remind me how far music has fallen in the past 20 years.

10 minutes later the food was delivered.

Metro Diner 3 Egg Breakfast

If you read this site you know my feeling about eggs cooked in a round skillet where they put a cove on it to fake "over easy". At least they weren't burned. Steamed is not over-easy, but we roll with the punches.

Metro Diner Eggs

The hash browns were well constructed but totally unseasoned; I decided to go all out with salt, pepper and butter. Potatoes can be fixed. I some grated onion in my hash browns, but there's none of that here.

Metro Diner Hash Browns

Overall an enjoyable breakfast. The sausages weren''t the big plump ones, but they were good regardless. Service was superb; they have real servers here. Butter and refills without having to ask. The simple squareness of the room keeps the servers close at all times.

I was just finishing up as she checked on me, and I asked for the check. She scanned my card with the handy tablet, and then put it in front of me to add the tip and sign with my finger. Fantastic. To get a printed receipt you have to wait for them to retrieve it, so there's really little time savings.

Plus they leave it on the table while you're waiting.

Metro Tablet

Overall, a positive experience. It still doesn't measure up the the Dix Hills or Lighthouse Diners on Long Island, but let's be real already. Of course getting home is another matter; Traffic between Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs is a complete disaster.


The Metro Diner is a chain that bridges the gap between iHop/Denny's and something a bit better. The food is mediocre, but fair prices, good service and an upbeat atmosphere make it one of your better choices, if you happen to live in Coral Springs. There's another location in Tamarac, which I passed on my way home. I can't vouch for the service at that location.

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Metro Diner will not re-open. They've closed all of their South Florida locations permanently.

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