Last Update: Sep 18th, 2020
TooJays Fort Lauderdale


2980 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33306
754 822-6090
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Hours: Sun-Thu 7am-9pm, Fri-Sat 7am-10pm
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Has WiFi: Yes
WiFi Password: None
Outside Dining: Not Really
Reservations: No


Free Parking


Lousy Pastrami
Inedible Cole Slaw
1/2 a Pickle

Critic's Review

There's a shortage of new places that I care about; a new Deli is worth a look.

First things first; this is a chain restaurant. It's not a family restaurant run by a nice, old Jewish couple who just want to feed their neighbors. I've been to the TooJay's in Plantation and I didn't like anything about it.

I got here just after 2p and the parking lot was close to full;I was wondering if the place was packed.

TooJays Parking Lot

There's no door in the back so it's a pretty good walk from the back of the lot. They're specials by the front door didn't seem too special to me. Cherries were the topping of the day. I didn't think that would affect me at all.

TooJays Specials Board

You enter into the bakers, where you can buy cakes, cookies or a quart of potato salad. Nobody waiting so that was promising.

TooJays Bakery Area

The restaurant was fairly empty; I guess those cars are mostly employees. I was seated in a bad seat with booths open, but I didn't complain today. As long as there was nobody else nearby it was fine.

TooJays Dining Room

It could have been worse; they have 2 terrible booths right in the hallway under the big sign; who would want to eat there with servers bolting in and out.

TooJays Interior

I ordered iced tea with extra lemon and this is what I got.

TooJays Ice Tea

Not too generous with the lemon. I kind of expected this. I wanted to try the pastrami so I ordered the "Choose Too", which is essentially their soup and sandwich offering. Half a pastrami and a cup of Matzo Ball Soup. This is what New Yorkers order in a Deli.

One of the first things I do when I eat in a deli is look at the mustard. I was horrified to see that TooJays has their own mustard. I like to know that I'm getting good mustard; this would be a crapshoot.

TooJays Mustard

The music doesn't fit the atmosphere; the average age here was mid-60s, the dark wood is reminiscent of the 70s, and they're playing Jason DeRulo and Owl City on the sound system. "Flashdance" did come on, but it didn't seem to cater to the older crowd in any way I could think of.

I'm sitting at an empty table; in a real Jewish Deli the pickles are on the table before you order. The cup of soup came out on its own; as if this was a 2 course mean.

Cup of TooJays Matzo Ball Soup

The vegetables looked a few days old, but not a bad soup. Basically chicken soup with a dumpling.

TooJays Matzo Ball Soup

My server came by and asked something about the soup and I quipped that she could bring out the pickles; she actually brought out half a pickle. I figured she'd bring out the cole slaw and pickle that comes with the sandwich. Ok.

Toojays pickle

I figured she wasn't going to bring out the sandwich until I finished the soup. Note to Servers:

Ask the customer if they want the food to come out together.

So I pushed the soup dish to the edge of the table to make it clear I was done, and magically the sandwich came out.

TooJays 1/2 Sandwich

Half a pickle and a spoonful of cole slaw. This is NOT a NY Deli.

My server asked if everything was OK and I asked if they had any other brands of mustard; she said "I'll get you what we have". Not what I was hoping for.

TooJays Other Mustard

The TooJay's mustard wasn't bad, so it would have to do. The sandwich looked like a decent stack.

TooJays Pastrami Sandwich

The cole slaw however wasn't actually cole slaw. Cole slaw has a dressing; some seasoning. This was cabbage. Imagine if you cut up a bunch of cabbage and put it in the fridge overnight. This is what you get. Wet cabbage with no taste at all. It wasn't even worth trying to fix; it was practically raw.

TooJays Cole Slaw

The pastrami didn't really taste like pastrami. It could have been black forest ham or some sort of smoked ham. I pulled some out to take a closer look.

TooJays Pastrami Close up

This was Deli pastrami; the kind you get in Winn Dixie that comes in a plastic bag. Pretty disappointing stuff. Decent bread.


TooJay's is a chain restaurant that is a South Florida version of a NY Deli; which means that it's nothing close to an actual Deli. The servers aren't Deli savvy (my server told me she's never been to any of the Delis up in Boca), they don't have good quality food, and there's nobody here that really cares if you love your food. You could almost see the disappointment on other customer's faces.

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TooJays filed for Chapter 11; expanding during a pandemic isn't a great idea. This location was a casualty of the process.
This place doesn't measure up.
I was waiting months for Toojays to open was very disappointed...I ate there 3 times to get the feel of the place and the food...First of all the service sucks as the servers have no education about jewish food when they are asked and they brought out the wrong order twice..My friend got sour cream with his tuna melt instead of mayo he server brought out my check even before i was finished and wanted to order dessert.I was placed at a table one time that was filthy.. I think they hired most of the staff right off the street with little background check on them. What jewish Deli does not serve great pickles and coleslaw their's sucked...I can go on but you get the point.
Some fool left a comment "They're consistently packed so they must be doing something right". They've been open a week. Does it look packed here on their 5th day open?

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