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NY Mart

New York Mart

10065 Sunset Strip
Sunrise FL, 33322
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Hours: 8:30a-9p 7 days
Parking: Private Lot

Another trip to "Chinatown" to stock up on stuff you can't get a the regular supermarkets:

New York Mart Chinese Ingredients

Chives, Red Chilies, ribs cut to size and ready to marinate. Snow Peas. While you can get bean sprouts in the supermarket, they're $6/lb (2.99 for an 8oz bag). Here they're .99/lb; this bag was $1.75. I'll have to freeze 2/3 of them.

Review 9/18/18

Beyond Kikkoman, there's a world of Asian cuisine rarely experienced by the average American. If you're happy with a bit of soy and ginger in your Asian dish, you can shop at Publix. If you want' to take the extra step, you can try a place like this.

The experience starts with a strange entrance for a supermarket; Warehouse curtains. This isn't your usual supermarket.

NY Mart Entrance

Unlike the Oriental Market, this place has a large fresh fish and meat market. They even have fish tanks with live fish for the freshest possible experience.

NY Mart Seafood Department

This store doesn't have as wide array of jarred sauces and condiments as Oriental Mart, but they do have a lot of shrink-wrapped mushrooms.

New York Mart Dried Mushrooms

Wondering where you can buy a duck or a fresh pigeon? This is the place.

NY Mart Ducks

Duck isn't cheap.

The big pull of this store is the large produce section.

NY Mart Produce

Tip for Shoppers:

When someone is taking a picture, don't look at the camera

Not happy with regular Bok Choy at Whole Foods? Here they have Taiwan Bok Choy, Yu Choy. Choy Tips.

NY Mart Bok Choy

And something I like to put in dumplings, Chinese Chives. Enough for many, many dumplings. Get them with or without flowers.

Chinese Chives

The chives you find in regular supermarket are "onion chives". Chinese Chives are "garlic chives".


A reader suggested to me that this place was better than Oriental Market, and my impression is that it's different. I wouldn't go to Oriental Food Market to buy fish or produce. And I wouldn't come here to stock up on sauces.

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