Last Update: Sep 25th, 2018
Oriental Mart Lauderhill

Oriental Mart

4850 N University Dr
Lauderhill FL, 33351
954 747-7740
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Parking: Yes
CC: Yes


Good Sized Store
Decent Prices


Mostly Korean Items
No English Descriptions for many Items

Critic's Review

The term "Oriental" is way too vague; the first thing you need to know is that this is a Korean Market. In a part of town where most of the restaurants are either Korean or Colombian, I guess that's what you should expect.

There's no fish or meat counter here; they have fresh ducks in the refrigerator and frozen fish. It's a fairly good sized store.

Oriental Market Rear

I needed rice, but there were no prices on the big bags of rice and there were varieties that I'd never heard of. The smaller bags of rice and beans were very expensive and I couldn't read the label, so I figured I'd get rice in a regular supermarket.

Oriental Market Beans

I needed some Chinese chives and luckily that had those, but overall the product department here is very weak. No long red peppers; just the green. I contemplated a huge bag of bean sprouts for .99 but I figured 9/10th of them would go bad before I could eat them.

Oriental Market Produce

They have a lot of stuff here that you can get at Whole Foods; looking for giant bottle of Red Boat fish sauce? They have it here. Chili paste, bamboo shoots. I didn't find much here I wanted.

Oriental Market Shelves

Who knew that you could buy shredded squid in bags?

Oriental Market Squid

One aisle is completely dedicated to korean BBQ sauce. But they didn't have nearly the selection here as in the other Oriental Markets.

Oriental Market Sauces


As Asian markets go, this one isn't that appealing unless you're looking for specific Korean ingredients. I didn't buy much here, and I probably won't ever be back.

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