Last Update: May 18th, 2020
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Partial Re-Opening on May 18

In some of the dumbest government moves of our lifetime, the band of clowns running Broward County are reluctantly opening businesses on Monday, May 18.

Beaches will Remain Closed

Because sand and sunshine promote sickness and death.

All facemask and social distancing requirements are still in place, however NO GUIDANCE has been provided as to how we are supposed to eat and drink while wearing a mask.

The order specifies that the Sheriff's Dept is empowered to enforce the measures with up to $500 fines and 60 days in jail, although it's not clear what the charges would be. Is standing 5' from someone a misdemeanor? Taking your mask off to gasp for air if you're having trouble breathing? Eating without a mask?

If 11 people congregate in violation of the 10 person max will they all be charged and put in jail for 60 days?

This is the government that the socialists want full time. Government knows best, because we're too stupid to protect ourselves and be smart in how we interact with people. Meanwhile they're just a bunch of bumbling old farts who have no clue what they're doing.

Face Masks for Dummies

The Surgeon General first told us that we shouldn't wear face masks; that it would do more harm than good. Then the CDC changed their minds, and recommended wearing masks when social distancing wasn't possible:

Cdc facemasks

Notice that this is EITHER/OR, not both. But county and city officials are too dumb to understand these simple words; the order specifically states that both are required. This is what happens when you put stupid people in charge of things. They don't understand the underlying ideas, so they go for the kitchen sink.

"We don't know what we should do, so we're going to do everything"

Welcome to Fort Lauderdale, People. The land of the clueless leaders.

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Big City Tavern and Rocco's Tacos are now open
Finally things are open and it's the worst weather day of the year. What else could go wrong?
Places we know are opening in Fort Lauderdale on May 18:

Bossi's, Del Frisco, Seasons 52, Wild Sea, Tap 42, Cafe Vico, B Square, Sky Thai, Angelo Elia, Cubano's, Shooter's, Benihana, Capital Grille, Noodles Panini, Piazza Italia (dinner only),
Haven't seen many of the restaurants that are closed announcing that they're going to re-open Monday. So far only Talento has announced on Las Olas. Restaurants asked for 2 weeks notice; leave it to Broward to give just a couple of days notice. It's just part of the incompetent handling of this whole situation.

I suspect that all of the places who were still doing take-out will be open Monday; there probably wasn't enough time to mobilize places that were closed. Places may have lost their best employees; people have had a lot of time to look for better jobs, and good people have an advantage.

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