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Smith and Jones

1313 East Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301
(954) 888-8993
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Hours: 7 days, 11:30-10pm, Open til 2am on Thu, Fri, Sat
Attire: Neat casual
Parking: Valet ($3), Street metered
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Prices: Moderate
Outside Dining: Yes
Reservations: No
Delivery: No

Critic's Review

*** Smith and Jones has Closed ***

I've heard such mixed reviews about Smith and Jones, the new restaurant where Louie Louie used to be, that I was very curious as to how I'd like it. I'd had friends tell me that the food was fantastic, and I'd read some reviews that weren't quite so positive. The owner chef, Johnny Vinczencz, has a restaurant downtown where the food is good, but there's no TVs and no music, so its not the place to go for a whole lot of entertainment.

Smithjones bar

Smithjones interior

When you walk in, you see a handsome restaurant with decor that mixes rich wood with rustic brick with oozing morter. At one end is a long bar the length of the restaurant; on the other a stage set up for a full band thats not quite ready to play. On a Saturday night, Its just crowded enough so that there isn't one seat available. 3 flat screen TVs have the game on; they're positioned so you can see them from any seat at the bar.One thing that obvious is that everyone is eating. People don't come here for a beer; at least not before the music starts. This place is about the food. People are wolfing down pastas, salads and french fries served in a fancy metalic goblets. Saucy foods with presentation. Baby back ribs, pot roast with gravy and smashed potatoes. The kind of food you grew up with.

The wine list is fairly extensive, but there are zero, count them zero, italian wines; my particular favorite. Comfort foods lend themselves to a guinness, so no worries. I was in the mood for meatloaf. Where else can you get meatloaf? Boston Market? Eeek!

Well my Mother was a pretty good cook and her meatloaf was one of my favorite childhood meals. Meatloaf with mac and cheese. I can say with confidence that you've never had better meatloaf that you'll get here. Bacon wrapped, flavorful without being loaded up with stuff. Smashed potatoes (not whipped, with little lumps), broccoli and cauliflower slathered with cheese sauce. The only disappointment is when its all gone, and you still want one more bite. Fish and chips are delicious cod with a light airy battered coating, served with a tart, homemade tartar sauce. The fries are the skinny kind, rather than the expected slab cut meatier ones. The Chicken Enchilada brought gasps from its presentation; and the taste certainly followed through. A huge tortilla stuffed with shredded chicken with delicious flavors throughout; just a real treat.

Then the music starts and the place comes to life. From a moment where everyone is focused on their food, the collective focus moves to the band. Everyone is smiling. Good food and good music go together.

Smith and Jones has live music Friday and Saturday nights. Fridays is Randy and the Bluenotes. If you've seen Randy you know what that is. Saturday they have rotating bands for a little variety. Note that if you come here for lunch or on a Tuesday the ambiance is much different; minus the people and the music. So keep that in mind. Note that there is no NO MUSIC on Thursdays currently.

They serve Sunday Brunch here from 10am - 3pm, and its probably the best non-buffet Brunch menu in Fort Lauderdale (we have the menu here). The menu is quite unique. For someone who eats out virtually every day, its difficult to really catch my interest. But there were a few things I would have liked to try. I opted for the Egg and Jack Cheese Burrito. I'd just been to Rocco's Tacos in Boca so I was up for good Mexican.

Smithjones burrito

As you can see, this thing is just huge, and beautiful. My diet doesn't allow me to eat so much at a single meal, so I cut it in half and gave it a try. It was really good. Scrambled eggs and cheese, with black beans and salsa and just enough cilantro. I admit that I ate the whole thing. Another winner from Smith and Jones.

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