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Diplomat Hotel

Diplomat Prime

3555 S Ocean Dr
Hollywood FL, 33019
(954) 602-8393
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Attire: Dressy
Parking: Valet
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Prices: Very Expensive
Outside Dining: No
Reservations: Yes
Delivery: No

Critic's Review

Hollywood prime has been renamed the Diplomat prime, because the new owners, Hilton, realize that Hollywood isn't a premium brand; at least not the one in Florida. The menu is the same; it's on par with Morton's. Their menu doesn't say USDA Prime anywhere, so assume that the "Prime" beef is just 21 Day Dry-Aged.

Review 12/8/07

Hollywood prime impresses when you first walk in, but the prices and strange service policies ruin the experience. When you first arrive, there is a plate and a steak knife for each setting. As the courses arrive, they bring out utensils for that course only, placing them in a very specific place. If you move your fork, they will move it back on the next visit. Ceviche arrives with no utensils, so you can either slurp up the entire spoon or leave it on the table. My companion could simply not accept that they refused to bring more than 1/2 slice of bread at a time, and that they only had one choice, a specialty sourdough that was good but might not appeal to everyone. A request of additional bread so she didn't have to keep calling them over was ignored. As for the entrees, the enormous cut of prime rib (available only on weekends) is enough for 2 unless you're dining with an offensive lineman. A 48 ounce porterhouse, priced at $125., seems like overkill. Sides of cheddar mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and mushrooms are enough for a table of 4. The mushrooms are mixed types and served in a cream sauce. Don't mistake the big plate of horseradish sauce as mashed potatoes or you'll be very sorry. Unfortunately my date ordered her filet "ruined" (I mean well-done) so how can you know how it really tastes? Salmon is a specialty, as is the rack of lamb.

The highly touted wine list is large but is very weak on Red Italian, a favorite of mine with steak. It seems a Chianti Riserva by the glass would be a minimum requirement.

At the end of the meal, the experience could best be illustrated by the look on the proud father's face at the table next to us who was celebrating his daughter's birthday. When he received the bill, he looked like a dump truck had just run over his new mercedes.

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