Last Update: Sep 28th, 2018
McSorley's 2018

McSorley's Beach Pub

837 N Ft Laudrdale Bch Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33304
(954) 565-4446

Mcsorleys 0416

McSorley's has remade itself, the smokey irish pub that used to be is now a multi-level venue that seems much more like a club than a bar. Downstairs is a lively bar with TVs.

Mcsorleys downstairs

There's also a bar on the 2nd floor; a more casual place to hang out away from the bustling room downstairs.

Mcsorleys 2ndfloor

The 3rd floor is a roof deck with another bar.

Mcsorleys roof

There's also a game room on the ground floor with TVs to watch the games while you play.

Mcsorleys gameroom

There's no food at McSorleys, and smoking is allowed.

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