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Las Olas Grand

411 N New River Drive East
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301

Imagine paying $200/month into a reserve fund for 15 years and then having to write a $6000 check for new carpet and furniture for a hallway shared by 3 units. Imagine the Las Olas Grand.

Insider Tips

Direct Sunlight

Sunlight can be good, but nobody wants harsh sunlight beating into their home all day long.

Ashley South units (XX06) get direct sunlight all day, so you'll need curtains. If you scope out previously sold units on Zillow and Redfin, you'll see that the XX06 units will usually have heavy curtains.

Ashley North units (XX01) get only ambient daylight, eliminating the need for curtains at all in the living room or dining room. You'll get about an hour of harsh sunlight very early in the morning at sunrise (from 7am to 10am depending on the time of year). Buildings to the west largely block the direct sunlight at sunset so there's very little afternoon direct sunlight.

Champagne and Bradford units have no north or south windows and will only get direct sunlight early in the morning at to a lesser degree at sunset.


If you're single or only have 1 car, you may not think you need 2 spaces, but when you go to sell your unit it will be much more appealing to buyers who have 2 cars. Couples generally need 2 cars in Fort Lauderdale. There are lots of people in the building who need more spots than they have, so you should be able to lease out your 2nd spot if you don't need it. A 2nd parking spot is worth $30-40K, so factor that into your purchase.

Salt 7

There a restaurant/club across the street from the Las Olas Grand which could be a consideration if you require absolute silence to sleep. Realize the building is in the heart of the city, so some noise is part of the experience. Boats blow their horns; but generally the area is pretty quiet, as city residences go. The hurricane doors and windows are VERY good at suppressing sound. If you're out on your east terrace on Friday night you will hear the music from the club. Inside with the patio doors closed, you'll hardly notice it. The higher floor you're on, the less you'll hear. On the 4th floor it may be something to think about; if you're above the 15th floor you won't hear much at all. During the week there''s virtually no late night music. On Fridays and Saturdays its usually over by 12am.

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