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Reason #317 that I hate Publix

Publix cheese

The regular price for 6-8oz of shredded cheese is now $4.90, which is so patently absurd it's a wonder they sell any of it. I bought a bag of Sargento 18 year aged cheddar at Walmart for $2.74 last Tuesday. Publix doesn't raise their prices a few cents to cover cost increases; they bump up prices in big chunks and then run sales if it doesn't sell.


Note that Walmart has not raised their price on this item for years; yet Publix raises theirs fairly regularly and by large increments. Let's not blame inflation on anything more than corporate greed.

Breaking News: Publix has switched from Glacier Water machines to Primo. For those of us who rely on these machines for our drinking water, this is big news; and could be life-changing if the water isn't as good.

Publix primo

I'm hoping that home depot still has the Glacier machine.

Reason #282 that I hate Publix

Another dishonest example of how Publix does business.

Publix Flora Premium Pasta

I bought the Orecchiette last week for $3.59, which is way too much. They raise the price on the entire family of products and then put some of them on "Sale" for more than the previous price. I'm never paying $4.15 for this stuff. It's just so dishonest; this was the last item that I still bought at Publx even when it wasn't on sale. No more.

If more people would just stop buying things when they raise the price these greedy venues might stop trying to rip us off. Pasta doesnt go bad, so maybe they're just testing the waters to see how high they can raise it. Buy something else please.

Reason #264 that I hate Publix

Publix chicken sale

They do this all the time; offer 2 for 1 at twice a fair price; even at 1/2 price this is no bargain; what kind of fool would pay $6.79/lb for chicken?

On one item I buy they raise the price to $7.19 when it's on BOGO; then the regular price to $6.15 when not on bogo. Still a good deal, but still a dirty trick.
Publix has become a store where I only buy items on BOGO; their regular prices simply aren't competitive with other choices. 10 years ago, Publix was the only game in town. Winn Dixie was a dump and it was the only other supermarket. Since then, Fresh Market has opened and Walmart has opened on Broward Blvd.

On my most recent visit I discovered that they even raised the price of water, because water is very expensive.

Publix $2.00 for filtered Water

$2.00 to fill a 5 gallon bottle. It's $1.25 at Home Depot a couple of blocks away.

Reason #214 not to shop at Publix.

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I stopped buying wine here because I got tired of the airhead self checkout girl asking me for my birthday. I'm 62yo! It's so absurd and she asks every time. If this is a Publix policy they deserve to lose business.
I get ID'd also. The girl lies about "having no choice"; does she think we've never shopped there before? The regular checkout girls never ask for ID or a birthday, and neither does the older lady who works the self service.
Free $6 cold brew yesterday. One of the only good things left about Publix; if it rings up higher than the price it should be at the register, it's Free.

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