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Greenberg & Sons Hard Rock Casino Food Court

Greenberg and Sons Deli

1 Seminole Way
Hollywood FL, 33314
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Hours: 24/7/365
Attire: Casual
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: None
Prices: Moderate
Outside Dining: No

Critic's Review

For one reason or another, the 2 best NY style delis in Broward County are in Casinos. This one is open 365/24/7 in the food court in the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. On New Year's Day, most of the Seminole Paradise is closed, but Greenberg & Sons is always open.

While the prices of their sandwiches haven't changed much, they now only give a 1/2 pickle and a bottle of water is $2.75.

Greenberg & Sons Pastrami Lunch

Still not a terrible deal for $12.72. The cole slaw was lousy; it tasted like it might be bad, but I think it was just a bad recipe. The pastrami, however, is the good stuff. The kind that melts in your mouth. They have better rye bread than they had before.

Greenberg & Sons Pastrami Sandwich

They were pretty cheap with the mustard so I asked for extra. Obviously it's not a real NY deli.

The tables were pretty dirty; they only have 1 lady cleaning tables that I could see. Maybe when it's not a holiday it's better.

Review Dec 12, 2009

Who would have thought that one of the best Delis in Broward is at the Hard Rock Casino?

Greenberg & Sons 2009

The Rye bread wasn't very good, ; the chicken salad was nice and creamy with good chunks of chicken; the cole slaw TOO creamy and wet.

Greenberg and Sons Chicken Salad Sandwich

Still a pretty good chicken salad sandwich for South Florida. $12.

Of your lower priced meal choices at the Hard Rock hotel, Greenberg & Sons is one of the better choices; It's certainly better than dropping $30 at Bol.

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