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Brasserie chow

Brasserie Chow

1925 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood FL, 33020
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If you'd ever been to the now-defunct Universe Cafe, you'll be glad to see this handsome space that's replaced it. Rich wood dominates with vaulted ceilings and a brown granite bar in the corner. In the evening, live music in the breezeway gives the place a bit of a new orleans feel.

Chow inside

Their menu is "French Bistro" and offers quite a number of low to medium end sandwiches, quiches and entries, raw seafood and salads. They have a few entries including Prime Rib and Filet Mignon. So if you're looking for a snack, a small meal or a big meal, you can get it here.

I sampled the seafood crepe. Its a large crepe filled with mussels, calamari shrimp, scallops and cheese. On the menu it claims to be mozzarella, but it was more like a bechamel sauce. I was wondering how the cheese would work with the seafood; but as presented the crepe was very good. I suspect that they are still refining their menu.

My only complaint was that the bread, which was a nice, crusty loaf, showed up about 30 seconds before the crepe.

The place fills up after 6pm so get there early if you're into elbow room. The music starts between 7 and 7:30pm.

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