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Fernandas Closed

Fernanda's International Market

3045 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33306
(954) 566-3104
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Hours: M-Sat 9am-6:30pm, Sun 11am-4pm
Attire: Casual
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Wine
Outside Dining: No
Reservations: No

Critic's Review

Fernanda's is like a bodega that you might find in Manhattan; sort of like a Speciality 7-11 where you can buy non-Ronzoni pasta, spices and mustards. The change that's taken place in recent years is that you can now buy most of this stuff in a supermarket; if not Pulix then Fresh Market; and everything is $1 or 2 more here. They also have a good collection of wine; again, nothing you couldn't get at Total Wine for a couple of dollars less.

Fernanda's International Market

They have a sort of Deli in the back with a lot of un-amazing looking stuff. I remember coming in here when I first moved to Fort Lauderdale and being completely unimpressed; the Deli's in NY are so good that it's hard to fathom a place like this. And it's not cheap either; like $12/lb for chicken breasts and $10/lb for Ziti.

They also have a full-blown "cafe" next door; it's really just a sandwich shop; much like My Market. There's a TV with no sound on a random channel; but it's not a bad little spot.

Fernanda's International Market Cafe

I looked over the sandwich menu, and my first thought was that these must be real Dagwood sandwiches. $9.99 with no mention of a drink or a side. I thought about a couple of things, but decided on the "Hemmingway", which is a Cuban Sandwich. He asked me if French Bread was ok. "You don't have Cuban Bread". I asked. "No, we don't. Nobody knows the difference". Great, another place in South Florida that just assumes that their customers are stupid and know nothing about food.

Without any other customers, it took quite a while to make it. Magic 102 fills the air. Finally it was ready.


My first impression was that it wasn't pressed. They say it's "smashed flat", but this certainly wasn't. The pork is what makes or breaks a cuban, along with good pickles. This sandwich wasn't very well stuffed.

Fernanda's Market Cuban Sandwich

I ate half of it but it was mostly bread. The problem was that the sandwich has very thin sliced deli "pork" and it was very dry. Not good at all.

Fernanda's Hemmingway composition

I had them wrap up the other half to take home; I just ended up eating the ham and the pickles.

They just give you a ticket and you pay at the store register as you leave. The lady asked if I go there often, and I told her "no, but I wish that I knew you had File Powder last week when I was looking for it". She answered "Well now you know that we have great sandwiches also". I didn't say a word.

I grabbed a take out menu, and noticed that the prices are about $1 less than on the menu in the Cafe. Not sure what's up with that, but you can do better at any sandwich shop in town. I'd rather go to Jimmy John's than eat here again.

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I was sitting outside and planned to go in, but then I read my last review.

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