Golden Chopsticks

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golden chopsticks


4350 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
(954) 776-0953
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Last Review: 07/21/09


ParkingPrivate Lot Entree PricesModerate

Critic's Review

The food is OK here, but the place is kind of creepy. There's a big fish tank in the front, a bunch of booths and a buffet setup in the rear. Its a restaurant rather than a take-out place and there is no counter, so asking for extra condiments is a hassle. Just a lady that speaks some english out front.

I particularly like the fried rice, which is the dark yellow/brown type with plenty of meat and egg. The dumplings, however, are losers. They are too thick and doughy and lack any sort of flavor that make them worth ordering.

I also don't like to pay for things before the food is ready (in case an hour later its still not ready). Overall, the food is good, but take out is recommended over dining in.

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